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Vehicle Search and Management App

Application function introduction 1Inventory search function

From high quality vehicles
The one you want.

At Five Star, assuming a vehicle that has never been repaired,
Professional staff carefully select each and only high quality
vehicles 400 units are always available.
You can easily search for vehicles from the app,
You will surely find the vehicle you want.

Quotation simulation

Including various expenses other than the vehicle body price and land transportation expenses Simulate the total amount immediately. It is very useful when thinking about your budget.

  • The actual total amount may differ depending on the campaign.
  • Designs and functions may differ from the actual ones.

Application function introduction 2Reservation function

Easy reservation
by phone
unnecessary application

Once you find the vehicle you want, make a reservation.
No troublesome phone calls are required.
From now on, without thinking about the place or time
You can make a smart reservation.

Reservation function system

You can also make reservations easily by visiting the store and inspecting vehicles.
The reservation date is also recorded in the app, so you can check and change smart with one app.

  • Designs and functions may differ from the actual ones.

Application function introduction 3Vehicle management function

Always the highest performance.

Car delivery is not the end.
For customers to ride safely and
comfortably every day Five Star will
support you after delivery.

In addition to guidance for vehicle inspection and one year inspection,
You can also check the warranty status in the app.

Delivery status&
Checking warranty status

After the contract, the current situation until delivery
The app allows you to check the warranty subscription status after delivery.

  • Designs and functions may differ from the actual ones.

App to download

There are plenty of other useful and advantageous functions!
Five Star App "MeeR"
Please download it by all means!

You can download from the icon on the lower right.

アプリ名:MeeR -ミール- ジャンル:車両検索・管理アプリ 対応OS:iOS9以上、Android4.3以上 利用料金:無料

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